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<3<3**New Moon**<3<3

Spoiler Alert: If you haven't read the books or seen the movie, I wouldn't read this post!!

New Moon came out in France on Wednesday, and I don't know why I didn't write about it before.
Well, yes, I do. When I got home from the theatre, I was planning on blogging about it immediately, but I was so tired that it just couldn't happen. And then I've just wanted to do nothing other than think about it and how wonderful it was since.
And maybe I just didn't want to make all the Americans jealous that I saw it before them. :-P


Okay, here goes. I'm going to try to make some coherent sense talking about what I thought of the movie. I'm so attached to this one, as it was my favorite book, so it's going to be hard. But alas, I will try, and I will start with the bad (agh!), so that I can end with the good, oh yes!
Kristen Stewart is still a terrible actress. Her fake attempts at stuttering, or sputtering out words, I guess I should say, do nothing but annoy me, and the way she breathes all heavily every time something intense is going on - ugh! And how she flutters those ridiculously overly small eyes that always make her look high (maybe she is always high?) - well, let's just say that I wish they would have chosen someone else to play the part of Bella. If Twilight could have been ruined, it would have been because of her. Luckily for us, it couldn't be.

Now, I also think that Bella and Edward have one of the most unhealthy relationships known to man.
Bella bella, Edward edward
It disturbs me a little bit, to see this portrayed as what eternal love looks like, and reading the books, this is why I was always Team Jacob. I have been there, done that (and burnt the t-shirt :-P), and I am SO happy to have escaped that. At the same time, because I know what it feels like to be left by someone with whom you are obsessively in love, I can also see the truth to the books. And in New Moon, Bella's pain over Edward leaving her is just so real. When she was moping around being depressed, it was the only time that I thought she got the acting thing right. Her pain became real for me, for the entire audience. So much so that it dredged up some of my old memories, and I cried at points where no one else was crying. Sure, there relationship is unhealthy, and the fact that, for her "without Edward, there is nothing" makes me want to reach out and shake some sense into her - but it's not entirely unrealistic. At one point in the movie, after she has been moping for about 4 months, Charlie says something like "Bella, it's not normal." And maybe it's not entirely normal, but it does happen. Maybe it's not normal for her to want to hurt herself in order to get to see Edward, but it DOES happen. I know from first-hand experience (I learned my lesson; Bella will never need to).

Enough about that, though. On to bigger, better things. Before this movie, I was sort-of hesitant. All this conversation about Team Edward and Team Jacob - it was hard for me. If I had had to choose, I would have said Team Jacob, if only because New Moon was my favorite book (which I had for some reason forgotten, thinking Twilight was my favorite; now I remember), but it would have been hard. After this movie, I am without a doubt hardcore 100% Team Jacob.
He was cute and sweet in the first movie, for sure. Watching him with Bella in New Moon, though - it just absolutely took my breath away. He's so innocent and sweet and caring, and he's just so good to Bella and good for Bella. Better for her than Edward has ever been. Even with Edward around, she is always "suffering" because of her love for him. With Jacob she's just. . .happy. And there doesn't have to be anything else.

And plus, Jacob is HOT! Edward is cute and pale and broody. Jacob is HOT! Whatever he did to get himself ready for this movie - he should totally keep doing it. (Somehow I feel creepy saying that, since he's 10 years younger than me and all). He's also really the only one that knows how to act.

Okay, a couple last things: the movie was beautifully filmed. The occasional special effect fit in beautifully with the overall theme of the movie. I can't stress enough what a great job the director did of making Bella's pain seem real and making Forks seem beautifuly and dreary and rainy all at the same time. Also, I was thrilled that Edward actually sparkled. He could have sparkled more, but at least it didn't just look like he was sweating (which is what I thought in the first movie).

And there we have it. Before I left for the movie, I realized I had nothing Twilight-themed to wear. So now I'm off to try to buy myself something for the next time I see it (which will probably be this weekend).

I hope this was coherent, and I hope you all love the movie as much as I did!

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Felicity Grace Terry said...

I've read the books but have yet to see the films - Twilight is on order and should arrive any day now. Thanks for the review which I kind of skimmed over, I didn't want to read in-depth in case there were any spoilers about the film. I'm with you - Team Jacob, yeah.

nazarienne said...

Oh I'm going to see the movie tomorrow with my Mum. In Luxembourg there was on Wednesday the opening night and they showed the first movie and the second. On TV they said there were more girls than boys and most of the guys were forced by their girlfriends lol

Oh by the way I feel also already creepy thinking that Jacob is hot xD and I'm just 2 years older.

Unknown said...

Well, I am a team Edward, though I totally "get" why your Team Jacob, totally get that and part of me knows your right...but anyway! :)

I am glad you liked the movie, I thought Bella or Kstew was better in this one, though I liked her in the first LOL her quirks I love, it's funny how each person loves and hates the same exact things! :)

I cant wait to see it again, I am soo sure there's soo much I missed, that seeing it again will almost make it even more real...and now the wait begins for the next one - and the prayers begin for the last to get the green light!

*Crossing Fingers*

Alyssa Kirk said...

I could write pages (literally) about how much I agree with your review. Mind you we haven't seen the movie yet but we make fun of Kristen's acting all the time. Jake will even put on this brunette wig we have from Halloween, and start mimicing her stupid sputtering and messing with hair. We wish for a better actress too!

Funny, but while I loved Jacob in the books I was team Edward. BUT in regards to the movies...I am totally team Jacob. You're right, he can act and Holy Mother the boy is HOT. He's my age so I don't feel creepy...just hot and bothered!

See? I'm already writing too much!

I thought her behavior over Edward in this book was terribly sad and unhealthy. I'm so sorry you have had such an experience but I am very happy that you got through it and have such a healthy perspective.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts. Fantastic review! I'll get back to you after we see the 3.5 hours!

Camryn said...

Aaaah! I didn't get to see New Moon today because I had to watch a basketball game between our school and some other university. Argh.

Anyway, I completely agree with what you said. A lot of people have criticized Bella for how she acted during New Moon, but I thought it was realistic. Losing someone you love that much can really hurt and drive you to do, well, stupid things.

Kristen said...

SO, like most of the other comments, I am Team Edward but so in love with Jacob (in a non-creepy sort of way) from the movies. (Sigh) Anyway, I can't wait to see it again AND I had a brillant idea so call me to hear about it!!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Great review btw.

I just saw it this morning and here is my take:

Acting = awesome
Taylor = AMAZING
Colors, cinematography, music, action, and costumes = all awesome
Screenplay = Blah

I walked away thinking Team Edwards would love it and Team Jacobs might feel a little cheated.

I guess I was hoping for more relationship development between her and Jacob. And more wolf screen time of course.

Alyssa: I love your comment. Very sweet and well written.

Lucía said...

OMG!! I'm going to drive me crazy! Why? Becouse in my country: Uruguay, New Moon came out the last week and I had exams so I coudn't go to see it, and everybody saw it, less me :(:( but on the other hand I'm happy becouse I'm going to see it on Tuesday, with a friend..

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