Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Kindle Giveaway!

So, I posted before about e-reader giveaway going on over at Park Avenue Princess. And about the kindle giveaway at Noobie.

But now I want to post about yet ANOTHER Kindle giveaway! Isn't the holiday time fantastic?!? Bibliofreak is going to be giving away up to *15* Kindles!!!!

So if you haven't already heard about it, click that banner RIGHT now to get your butt over there and enter. I mean, seriously - who doesn't want a free Kindle?!?


Felicity Grace Terry said...

Yet more technology for me to get confused by. Have you any idea how long it took for me to fully work out my ipod not to mention the computer? Seriously though, I don't like the idea of this latest bit of technology at all - give me a 'proper' book any day of the week.

Park Avenue Princess said...

Thank you for posting my sweet Brizmus! Good luck in the Kindle Giveaway! You do know that I am also doing a giveaway for the e-reader of your choice, right?

If not, click *giveaways* and then go to "The Giveaway to Sell Your SOUL For..."

Good Luck *again*

Lotsa' Love,
The Princess said...

My husband and I each have a Kindle already. But it sounds like a Great Giveaway! I really love my Kindle! I can't help but be curious about the other major ereaders.

Rain Maiden said...

Thank you for sharing..I have not heard about Park Ave Princess's give-away.

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