Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My 100 Followers Contest (More Giveaway Points!!)

So the mini button making contest for my 100 followers contest has officially come to a close. Nikola from Nikola's Book Blog (who has just posted his first vlog!) made me an awesome button and an awesome banner that I just LOVE!!!! I <3 Glee!
For +10 in my 100 followers contest, post the button in your sidebar. I'll post a place to grab it at the top of my left sidebar.
For +15, post a blog entry about my contest and use the banner. YAY!!!!

Just a reminder, some of the books that are up for grabs:


And some of the books that I might potentially be so kind to add if I get enough entries into the contest:

It all depends on how many followers and entries I get into the contest. So GO ENTER NOW!!!! It's open internationally!!

N.B. There will be between 2 and 4 winners, and all but 1 will get at least two books plus other surprises, and I promise, it will be 2 books they want (i.e. if you have no desire to read the City and the Stars, I won't be sending you that)!!


Tales of Whimsy said...

Very cool! Thank you. Is it open to the US?

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Got to say, Nikola did a wonderful job with the button! I am very excited of your contest can't wait!!!

Aik said...

I've always wanted to read Hush, Hush! I'm so entering this contest!

Nikola said...

Hehe, thanks Melissa! And thanks Brizmus, for pimping my blog (and especially my vlog)! :)

Alessandra said...

That button is very cool! Good job, Nikola! (Also, please send Beautiful Creatures my way!)

Alyssa Kirk said...

Congrats on so many followers! And do love the button. I'm sure you'll make a ton more followers since the contest is great and your blog is awesome! Great bunch of books!

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