Friday, October 9, 2009

Really Incredibly Awesome Contest

As usual, over at Princess Bookie there is an awesome contest going on!
Tons of great books are up for grabs, some ARCs, some hardbacks!
If you win, you get to CHOOSE the book you want; these awesome titles are just some of the possibilities:
Its Not You Its Me, Reincarnation, Slept Away, Demon Chick, My Fairy Godmother, Strange Angels, Sweet Life Of Stella Madison, Once Was Lost, Sucks To Be Me, Indigo Notebook, Karma For Beginners, When It Happens, Last Song, Jumping Off Swings, Van Alen Legacy, LA Candy, Blood Promise, When It Happens, etc. . .

Head on over right now to Princess Bookie for the details!

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Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

WOW ~ thanks for sharing! Cindy usually has some great contests. =D

BTW,I have an award for you ~ you can pick it up here:

~ Lori

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