Monday, May 31, 2010


I am super psyched because this weekend I obtained this beauty:

That's my new library card. It is sort of awesome, isn't it? Isn't all that Japanese all over it pretty?
And what's even more exciting - it's a lot of kanji, but I can ALMOST read all of it! YAY!

Anyhow, there aren't a LOT of English books in the library, but I think I want to read almost all of what they have, so at least their selection is awesome.

I don't know about you guys, but I haven't been a library person really since I was in middle school. I always TELL myself that I am going to check out books from the library, but then I never do. Given that I am in school almost full-time now, though, and I am supporting myself with a minimally paying paying time job, and I am living in a country where English books are EXPENSIVE (and to which publishers don't want to send), I think I'm going to HAVE to rediscover the library.
And frankly, I'm psyched about it!
I LOVE owning books, but everyone here has been telling me I'm a packrat (and I SO am), and, as sometime who loves to travel and regularly move around, it gets to the point where there is just too much (I am there now), and I just have to tell myself "It's OKAY to not own this awesome book."

And so the library. It will be awesome.

And you guys? What is your relationship with the library? Are you a library person or a compulsive buyer? Or somewhere in between?


Simcha said...

Before I moved to Israel I barely owned any books as I got all my books from the library. Occasionally I would read a book that I loved so much that I had to own it, but it didn't happen that often. When I came to Israel I found myself trying out all kinds of genres that I had never really read before because that was what was available in the local library, and when I read everything there I had to start purchasing my own. But I'm really appreciative of the fact that the library forced me to step out of my comfort zone and try all kinds of different books, some of which are now my favorite.

Unknown said...

ha ha! I guess as I am a librarian I must be library person. I do borrow lots of things from work. I also use the public library if there are things that I'm desperate to read when I run out of money if it is just before payday. Libraries rock! (I have to say that!!!)

YA Book Queen said...

That's a pretty awesome library card! Mine's just plain and white (aka, boring). That's cool that you can almost read it all :D

I sometimes go to the library. I do tend to avoid it though, mostly because trying to leave the parking lot is a nightmare (it's on a very busy road).


Tales of Whimsy said...

I am a TOTAL library hound.
Enjoy enjoy!
Such good news :)

Greg Zimmerman said...

Wow - that is the coolest-looking library card I've ever seen! I'm actually a book hoarder. Sadly, I don't make use of the library nearly as much as I should!

Belle said...

Love that library card! Great question, too. I didn't use to be a library person - in fact, I would rack up huge overdue fines, and I had no excuse, because I'm literally a few blocks away from the library. But then three things happened - first, I ran out of space for books I began blogging about books and reading other book bloggers, and finally, I discovered Library Elf, which alerts me when my books are coming due. My wish list grew ginormous, I didn't have the room to get all these great sounding books, and I discovered my library carried almost everything I came across! I use their hold system now all the time. :)

Josette said...

Haha! I'm not a library person either but would like to be one once I have read most of my TBR at home. It's really important for me to tackle the TBRs piling up in my room.

Enjoy the books from the library! :)

EVA SB said...

I can remember going to libraries with my mother since before I could read. I was so proud when they let me have my own library card.
As a pre-teen I went to the library every week but was also glad to receive presents of book tokens as the 5 books a week I was allowed from the library was nowhere near enough.
Now I work in a library and although my house is full of books I still take books out regularly.

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

First of all, I'm so glad that you're enjoying living in Japan. It sounds great!

I have always loved the library. However, I really do not check out as many books as I used to because my home library houses 1700+ books. I buy most of my books at used book sales, etc. so they don't cost me much. And I've been super lucky winning books from blogs. I do check out books for my kids, some non-fiction books and a lot of audio books to listen to in the car. I will always consider the library as my friend. I'm so glad that you're getting the opportunity to rediscover the library yourself. =O)

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

I've told myself over and over to go to the library. But I'm a compulsive buyer. I need to have the books in my room, on the shelf, somewhere in my possession. Of course checking them out at the library first would definitely help me budget and only buy the books I really love but I have serious issues that can't be helped.

But that is a pretty snazzy library card hun! I took 2 years of Japanese in high school and simply loved writing the characters. If I had the time I would love to pick it back up again. I know you and your Library Card will make a rather excellent pair =)

Sara said...

Libraries = awesome! What's not to like about free books? Go crazy at your new library ;)

Kath said...

I have a tag on my blog called "Libraries are awesome" so I guess I'm with you on this one ;) I particularly love (major geek admission here) academic libraries - that smell and the quiet and the sense that this building contains so much knowledge is brilliant.

Hope you enjoy the library - and also there are a few publishers which will send to the Asia region. Sniff them out through Bostick Communications. If they'll send to Taiwan they will send to Japan :)

Mystica said...

I am definitely a library person when I come over to Melbourne to visit my children. I almost take up permanent residence in the local library. At home (in Sri Lanka) I haunt the second hand bookshops. The new books are exhorbitant and beyond me. I also depend on wins and have been very lucky so far!

Jennay and Luke the Pup said...

I always tell myself to be a library goer. But here in the Philippines it is quite hard since I don't have access to one. But when I'm back in San Diego, I for sure hit up the library since my family (whom I stay with) are just a block or two away from the newest one...yay!

Heather Zundel said...

I am a big-time library lover. It's the most magical system ever. You can borrow books for free, and then bring them back. I think that's what heaven will be like. :)

By the way, that library card is AWESOME. What are you going to school for?

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