Friday, May 7, 2010

Doing the Blog-Hop (2)

Last week, I participated in the Book Blogger Hop hosted at Crazy-for-Books. I had so much fun hopping around checking out new (to me), fabulous blogs, that I just couldn't help myself, and I decided to participate again this week!

You can get all of the information here, but the gist of it is - you hop around the blogosphere and discover and support some new (to you) blogs.

So far this week, some of the cool blogs I've check out are:

**Book Sanctuary - it has Sanctuary in the title, and for some reason this appeals to me enormously.

**BookAddict4Real - I can't really tell, but seems like there might be a lot of giveaways going on here!

**Love Is. . . - this is not a 100% books blog, but it looks great fun!

**Park Benches and Bookends - looks like there's a lot of contemporary fiction here, and I've been looking for more blogs along those lines. Yay!

Be sure to leave a comment if you hop on by, and I'll definitely stop by and check out your blog! :-)


Leanna Elle said...

Hi! I just found you through the blog hop, and I'm your newest follower. :) Cool blog!

Check mine out some time if you'd like.

Kelly said...

Returning the blog hop! :) Thanks for saying my blog is cool, yours is too, I love the layout! :)

CCL said...

I'm hopping on by to check out your blog! And now I am a new follower! I look forward to reading your posts! Please feel free to check out my blog, too...I've only been blogging for a month and am slowly building up my followers...once I get 50 followers on Google Friend Connect I plan on having a celebratory book giveaway contest!

Alyce said...

It constantly amazes me how many book blogs are out there. :)

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

I am not part of the hop but I am stopping by to say HI!

Josette said...

Thanks to your blog hop posts, I've decided to join in this week's blog hop! :) Those are some great blogs you visited.

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