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Review and GIVEAWAY: the Bird Room by Chris Killen

Title: the Bird Room

Author: Chris Killen

Rating: 1/2

Who Should Read It? I don't really know how to say. It's an interesting book. I guess if you like black comedy this will appeal to you.

What I Have to Say:
I thought that maybe putting a little time between the end of this book and my review would give me more clarification on how I felt, but nope. I still think that it was just weird. Did I enjoy reading it? Yes! Did I LIKE it? Maybe yes, maybe no. Because really, it was just plain weird.

My favorite thing about this book was that I absolutely adored the writing style. It was one of those books where you sort of feel like the main character is talking to you while at the same time feeling as if he doesn't care about you at all. It just sort of plods along, if that makes sense, and yet the story itself is completely non-linear. It goes back and forth and back and forth while at the same time slowly and succinctly moving forwards. In a way, this caught me off guard, and yet it was also a pleasant surprise. I love books that are written like this.

This book is also extremely interesting in that you never actually get to know any of the characters, which could come from the fact that they never really get to know each other, and yet it is very much character driven. Who is Will, who is the other Will, who is Alice? None of this is really important, as they are only important characters inasmuch as they are important to the first Will. They are all so flawed and confused.

While the style of this book makes it easy to read, the content does it. It's an intriguing look at the sex-lives of adults, at our perception of love and sex . It's an intimate look at relationships, and it's so real. While I didn't relate at all to the relationships in the Bird Room, as I didn't relate at all to the characters, the ideas presented through their relationships did make me think a little bit about the relationships in my life. And how real they may or may not be.

Will (the first) disgusts me, and he absolutely deserves everything he gets. I would NOT deal well with having a person like him in my life. And yet, the book is narrated from his point of view, and I absolutely ate it up. He made me laugh, he made me think, and he almost made me sad while at the same time shunning him.

So it's a good, well-written book, but it will not make you feel good. It might even depress you. And you may like it without actually liking it's content. It's GOOD while at the same time. . .leaving you unsure as to what exactly there was about it that you liked.

Summary (from Amazon): Painfully average and introverted Will finally has a bird. Her name is Alice. She's smart, sexy, and much to Will's surprise, she is in love with him. But the course of love never did run smooth, and soon devotion—and its uglier manifestations—lead Will to a dark place within himself.

Elsewhere in the city, Helen is an actress—or she will be some day. For now, she finds work as a "model"—or whatever her online acquaintances need her to be. Her real name is Clair, but she desperately wants to be someone new, someone glamorous and real—someone worth something.

A love story with a twist, this exuberant and funny debut novel brings Will and Helen's lives together in a tale as tight as a rope and as black as tar. Sharp, playful, and brimming over with wicked comedy, The Bird Room heralds the arrival of a major new literary talent.

Cover Story: I actually love this cover. It's like it examines every part of this beautiful girl. It fits with the book in a weird way.

I'm so excited that I have one copy of this book to give away! Just click here to fill out the form.
(Sorry - I tried to embed the form, but there were some issues; the colors weren't showing up right, and you couldn't see the words.) Be sure to comment on my review before you click to fill out the form!

Disclosure: This book was sent to me by the publisher for review.


wheresmyrain said...

honest review, I love weird books, so this sounds good to me

Marce said...

You have me really intrigued with this one Brizmus. Thanks for being honest, I actually enjoy weird/emotional books so would like to read this one.

The cover is amazing,very unique.

Is your giveaway for international also?


misskallie2000 said...

Great Reveiw. Would love to read this book. Thanks for giveaway.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

It's unfortunate you didn't like it that much. I'm still really curious and I'm totally in love with the cover! The story also sounds really really great :)

Martha Lawson said...

Well, you've got me to wondering now!! I'll have to read this one. Maybe I'll be lucky and win it!!

bianca_riot said...

The way you described how it was written makes me want to read it, im pretty sure i could handle an weirdness in it...i love how your review its in-depth at what was good/bad.

The cover is very weird in a good way.

Mystica said...

Thanks for the honest review. I dont much care for the cover of the book though!

Marce said...

Brizmus I have an award for you.


EVA SB said...

Thanks for a solid review.
I actually like books that make you almost like a person you also find repulsive. It is so true to life- people are complicated like that.

Charlotte said...

I love weird. :)
Thanks for putting this book under the spotlight, I had never heard of it. Love your review, you always have the right words to describe how you felt.

I'm not entering any of your giveaways since I'm moving soon and don't have a new adress yet. It's a shame, pile au moment où c'est une pluie de giveaways !

Hope the packing is going well, I am lost in the packing frenzy too...!

bookaholic said...

Firstly,I love the book cover-very innovative :)
Your review is very intriguing. I loved how you described the writing style of the book. I like books with great writing style even if the plot is a little weak..

Misty said...

Ooh, I love this cover. I'm not sure I'm sold on the storyline, except that I do like black comedy. Ironically enough, the things you didn't really like or were unsure of appeal to me, and that's kind of what has me sold on wanting to read this.

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