Saturday, March 27, 2010

French Friday (19)

French Friday is a weekly feature hosted by Charlotte at the Book on the Hill. We both live in France, so French Friday is a meme to write about Frenchy bookish things.

Once again, French Friday is happening on Saturday. Sorry! Yesterday was moving out of hte apartment and into the boyfriend's parents house for the few days I have left before Japan day. I don't think I even turned on the computer. But since this is potentially my LAST French Friday (I might do one again next week), I couldn't miss it!

This week, I decided we'd do another cover comparison, this time looking at books of my favorite author of all time, Neil Gaiman. Man,I love him!

First, we will look at one of my absolute favorite Neil Gaiman books, also known as onz of the top 3 greatest books of all time, American Gods.

I adore the American cover of this book, and the French one kind of makes me laugh. What's with the coke looking thinbg and the George Washington on the cover? I don't know why, but it just seems SO wrong for the book to me. Maybe it appeals more ot French people? Maybe they were trying to go with the comic book style cover because the French were, at the time, more likely to know Neil Gaiman as a writer of comics.

And speaking of George Washington on the cover, let us now look at the covers for Anansi Boys:

What is with the French and George Washington? Anyhow, I love the US cover of this book, but I think the French one, which almost seems silly to me, actually contains more of the book content. I oddly can't seem to find anywhere on the internet cover of the book that I have. If I had it with me, I would take a picture. It's definitely my favorite of the covers.

Now, since we can't look at ALL of his books, as he is very prolific, we'll take one last look at Neverwhere, a book I absolutely ADORE!

I'm super attached to the American cover, almost out of some weird sense of loyalty, but in the end, I actually think I PREFER the French cover. Which is weird because it just seems so, well, FRENCH to me. If I had seen the cover and not known it was the French cover, I would have guessed. I am continually shocked by how culture can change the sort of book cover that will appeal to someone. The French covers are often so different from the American ones, and while I find the American ones more appealing, I'm guessing the typical French person must find the French ones more appealing. It's weird how that works.

Anyhow, I also think it's slightly odd that the majority of Gaiman's books have the same names in French and English. U've been thinking about why that might be, and I just really can't figure it out. Ideas, anyone?

Anyhow, I hope that you have enjoyed this week's French Friday on Saturday! Be sure to make your way on over to the Book on the Hill!

Maybe a vendredi prochain!


Felicity Grace Terry said...

You've heard the expression 'brown is the new black'? Obviously in this case Saturday is the new Friday. Better late than never, it was good to catch up. I prefer the covers on the left in both instances - I don't know why exactly but my eyes seemed to be drawn towards them first. Strange when that happens.

Charlotte said...

Oh no, your maybe-last-French-Friday ! This is so sad. But really exciting too because it means Japan is coming...! I'm so happy for you !

The covers with George Washington are weird. I prefer all the US covers this week. And the fact that they do not translate the titles is quite intriguing. I absolutely have no idea why they don't.

I hope there will be one last FF next week, and if not, let me tell you that I was really happy to have seen this meme at Brizmus Blogs Books. Will it become a Japanese Friday ??

Take care and enjoy your last weeks in Paris. :)

Tales of Whimsy said...

These are all so cool!

Gonna miss you Briz!
Hope you LOVE Japan and write soon :)

Aarti said...

I agree with you on all of those! I love the American Gods and Anansi Boys covers for the US, but the French cover for Neverwhere is pretty awesome and evocative, too. I don't get the American Gods cover at all- it doesn't fit the tone of the story.

Misty said...

My book club was making suggestions for our picks for the 2nd half of the year tonight, and Neverwhere was one of the suggestions.

Jennay and Luke the Pup said...

Great books and covers. I also prefer the American covers...usually it's because I miss home and try to show my American pride. But really what's with the French & G.W. *shrugs shoulders*.

Anyways, I loved this post because I just met Mr. Gaiman the other week at a was so much fun. I'm glad he gets so much international attention...he deserves it!

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