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Review: Angels' Gardens by Gabriella Kasoulidou

Title: Angels' Gardens

Author: Gabriella Kasoulidou


Who Should Read It? This is a great book for people interested in balance, in spirituality, in belief. Anyone seeking something higher, something more should read this book. If you have ever felt lost and confused and life and wondered about something more, this book is a must read for you!

What I Have to Say:
I find it very hard to write a review of this book. It touched me on so many levels that it's hard to step back from it and analyze it. I feel too much a part of it.

Angels' Gardens is a book about spirituality, about self, about love, and about so much more. Michaela's story of self-discovery, of finding balance in the world after escaping a terrible, claustrophobic marriage is beautiful, poignant, and touching. The reader follows her journey as she transforms from a scared, helpless woman into a strong, take-control, balanced person. As she finds herself closer and closer to enlightenment, she finds that she is able to experience life on more than one plane, and as such, she finds herself in the presence of angels.

Kasoulidou's descriptions of the angels are vivid and clear, and when it was over, I genuinely believed in their existence. Each lesson has a different lesson to teach Michaela, and these are lessons that any reader needs to learn and that everyone should be able to relate to. As she moves forward in life, she finds herself questioning things like destiny and free will. Kasoulidou's understanding of these, seen through the angels lessons, is, in a way, comforting. She explains things so that they make sense, and anyone who has ever wondered about enlightenment, free will, destiny, or even spirituality in general will come away from this book feeling as if they are a step closer to understanding.

The only thing I didn't really like about this book was the way the story was told. An unknown person was telling the story of Michaela to another unknown person in a chat room. At the end, I understood why she did it this way, but it still seemed slightly irrelevant to me to have the chat room sections. They were cute, at most, and I didn't feel as if they added anything to the story.

This book is not an easy read, but any reader who takes the time to delve in and really try to get something out of it will not be disappointed. And for those, it is absolutely a must-read. Michaela's spiritual journey is touching for its pureness, for its innocence, and for how inspirational it is. I still find myself lost in the world of the angels' gardens.

Summary (from Amazon): Michaella was going through a crucial period in her life when she realized her existence was not limited to that of this world. Learning she somehow inhabited a different energy field - a different plane of existence - was such a profound idea that Michaella's mind began to fill with questions about reality, destiny, free will and time and space. But as this was going on, so was her life on the other plane. As Michaella tries to sort out her life, 'angels' from her other existence help Michaella to find her true calling, and her own true love. Angels' Gardens is an inspiring story of self-discovery and enlightenment that opens doors to endless possibilities. Gabriella Kasoulidou practiced law in Cyprus and was a shipbroker in Pireus, Greece. Since retiring, Gabriella seeks to inspire others through her writings that focus on seeking the answers within ourselves, rather than simply accepting dogmas imposed by others. She has three grown children and lives with her husband, Antonis, in Halandri on the north side of Athens, Greece.

Cover Story: I find the cover of this book absolutely beautiful. The painting is just lovely, and while I had imagined the gardens and angels in the book slightly different, I feel like it suits the message of the book perfectly.

This book was provided by the author for me to give an honest review.



Esme said...

Wow-I love this cover-I have the Oscar the cat book but have yet to read it -would you be interested in swapping books when I am done?

Alyssa Kirk said...

This sounds powerful. Loved your review! And the cover is gorgeous!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Doesn't sound like my sort of read but I loved your review. Very nice :)

Unknown said...

The fact that this is about angels means that I'm automatically interested. I'm not so sure about the way it is told though. Lessons...I'd rather it was a discussion between the angels in the garden or the angels and the main character. Great honest and thoughtful review.

La Coccinelle said...

The premise sounds interesting, but I'm already put off by the format. A chat room? No, thanks.

Sara said...

I think your blog is over the top! Check out your award at !


Charlotte said...

Wow, you talk about it in such a way that it's now impossible for me not to read this book !

Unknown said...

Excellent review my friend and thanks for linking up!


Anonymous said...

Sounds fascinating, great review!

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