Monday, December 21, 2009

Favorite Couple of 2009 and GIVEAWAY!!!!

Alexa from Not Enough Bookshelves has asked us all what our favorite couple of 2009 is. At first I thought that I didn't have one. But now I've been thinking about it for a while, and I realize that, yes, I actually DO have a favorite couple. And while I'm pretty sure they're not from a book that was RELEASED in 2009, they are from a book that I READ in 2009.

Without further ado, my favorite couple of 2009 was. . .

Takeo and Lade Kaede Shirakawa

from the Tales of the Otori Trilogy by Lian Hearn.

There was something about their relationship that just seemed so perfect and beautiful to me. Theirs was a forbidden love, and they would have done (and did do) ANYTHING to be together. . .and yet, they both understood that there were things that had to come before love. Takeo is an intrinsically GOOD person; good like you rarely see, and Kaede is bold and strong despite her frailty. They are wonderful together, and I LOVE them!

Now, in the subject, you might have heard me mention a giveaway. I am excited to have one hardback never been read beautiful copy of "The First Tale of the Otori: Heaven's Net is Wide" up for grabs! It is a prequel to the trilogy, and while I haven't read it yet, it looks FABULOUS!

I read the Otori Trilogy before starting my blog, so I am sad to say that I don't have links to reviews for you. If someone has reviewed these books and would like to put a link in this post, please let me know!!!!

So yes, you could win this beautiful book! All you have to do is fill out this form! Contest ends December 28, 2009, and I'll mail the book out directly on the 29th, as I'll be leaving back to France the 30th. Which is why I am asking for your address in this. Sorry to say that this is ONLY open to US and Canada. :-(


ninefly said...

I saw an ARC for the second book at a book sale once and decided against getting it (and it was only for $1 too)
needless to say I really regretted it =(
hopefully I'll get another chance to visit this series, so thanks for the contest! =)

Felicity Grace Terry said...

LOL I'm either going to have to move to America/Canada or buy a copy of this book. On the other hand there's always my birthday. My favourite couple? Now there's a question. I can tell you who it WON'T be though - Bella and Edward of Twilight fame.

Alix said...

Thanks for sharing. Your favourite couple sounds great!

Heather Zundel said...

Hmmm, would a prequel be a good place to start this series do you think? I've heard about it before, but have never taken the chance to sink my teeth into them. Great favorite couple choice by the way.

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