Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things I Love As Much as Books (9)

So, I think it's a given that I love to read. Don't we all?
The thing is, though, there are a TON of other things in my life that I love just as much as reading. Sure, most of these things aren't as constant as reading, but they count just as much in my life when I'm loving them.
SO, I decided to start this weekly feature in which I write a short post about something in my life that I am loving just as much as reading!


I wish I had long beautiful hair (though I prefer to keep mine brown), like they do, and perfect skin and beautiful features and, yeah. . .

Okay, that's sort of a lie. The love thing and the wanting to be like them thing. I'm very happy with myself.

And I think that Taylor Momsen is a bratty b-word, and I think that there's no way we could get along, um, ever. But I also think that she is a GORGEOUS, extraordinarily talented bratty b-word. I mean, in Gossip Girl, Jenny is totally it - one second I am practically fuming from how much I hate Jenny and the next I'm next to crying because of how sad I feel for her. And that's all Taylor Momsen's awesome acting skills.
And plus, she has an AMAZING voice.
I mean, check this out!

The Pretty Reckless, her band, are basically pure awesome. It's totally Courtney Love/Garbage wannabe, except that I actually like it, which is more than I can say for Courtney Love or Garbage.

And then, of course, there is Taylor Swift, who seems like the happiest, sweetest most adorably wonderful girl ever. I have dreams that we could some day be friends. She also is TOTALLY gorgeous, in a way totally opposite of Taylor Momsen, but with some odd similarities.

I heard this song, Mine, for the first time tonight, and it actually made me cry. I know, I'm a cryer when it comes to most everything, but songs - for me to cry from a song is super rare.

So yeah, I love the two Taylors (even if I also sort-of don't).
What do you guys think?


Blodeuedd said...

I think..I think I have to go and listen :)

Fi-chan said...

Well, I don't like Taylor Momsen because of Jenny, and lazy to listen to her band :x but she IS pretty. :D

and I really like Taylor Swift, but she's getting so much hate! One thing that makes me dislike her a little is radio overplaying her songs, totally not her fault. D: Oh well, avoiding radio stations.

Jeremy said...

I liked them both. They are total opposites though. Your right about that.

Nina said...

We have different taste! lol. I never heard that Taylor (the first) could actually sing. Fun!':)

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

I know the first from her acting but not her music. SOunds pretty good. I still don't get the makeup on the eyes. Eve for her Genre its a bit much

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Never happy with the things we have. I wish I had black, curly hair. I'm with Cleverly Linked with regard to the eye make-up.

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