Friday, September 17, 2010

Book Blogger Appreciation : Day 5 finale!

Welcome to Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

Today's treasure: Future Treasures.

We want to hear all about your FUTURE treasures. We’ve been visiting each other and getting to know each other better…now is your chance to share what you enjoyed about BBAW and also what your blogging goals are for the next year!

So this is it, folks - the final day! I'm so sad. I feel like this week absolutely flew by. I don't want it to be over yet.

Anyhow, one of my favorite things about Book Blogger Appreciation Week is that it reminds me that I do deserve to be appreciated. Not just me, but all bloggers. We are doing something awesome here, and we devote a ton of time and energy and love and heart to it, and well, we deserve to be appreciated! Sometimes I feel that, with trying to balance a book blog with the rush and craziness of daily life, it's easy to forget that.

Of course, I've also loved browsing through and APPRECIATING so many of your awesome blogs.

Right, so my future blog goals - I DON'T HAVE ANY! I've been blogging for a little over a year now, and I absolutely love it! And one thing I've discovered is that, with me, goals can't be forced. If I plan to do something, chances are it won't happen. If I realize that something needs to be done and then just start doing it, it happens.

So maybe that should be my blog goal: let the motivation take me where it may. And try to make Brizmus Blogs Books the best for me and for my readers.

And now I'm off to read about your goals! :-)

Happy weekend!


gautami tripathy said...

May you keep reading wonderful books and blog about those for us!

Here is my BBAW: Forgotten Treasures post!

April (BooksandWine) said...

Very cool, keeping the future wide open for whatever you decide to do!!

Personally, I like goals, but I also enjoy putting things on a list just to cross them off (i.e. To do: throw away coffee cup - that's not necessary to be on the list but freakin awesome to cross off).

Belle said...

I think that's a great blogging goal!

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Whats that saying about planning goals? Something or other about the best laid plans never happening. Heres to another wonderul year of blogging.

Simcha said...

Amen! Bloggers rock!

I'm also not big on setting blogging goals. I rather just keep on going as I have been unless I'm suddenly stricken with a brilliant idea which I decide to implement. Or I might suddenly get bored with it all and stop completely (which unfortunately may happen as well). Who know. But it's been fun so far.

Tribute Books said...

Thanks and great goal.

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