Monday, September 13, 2010

Book Blogger Appreciation : Day 1

I say finally, but I have to admit - I had actually FORGOTTEN about BBAW this year until, well, until I saw people blogging about it today. Horrifying, I know.

But still, that's in no way going to stop me from participating.
And so, without further ado

Welcome to Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

This year's theme is A Treasure Chest of Infinite Books and Infinite Blogs.

Today's treasure is: For those of you who participated in BBAW last year, what’s a great new book blog you’ve discovered since last year’s BBAW?

I have discovered SO MANY amazing blogs since I participated last year, when I was fairly new to book blogging, that it would be impossible to choose. I mean, there's Cleverly Inked and YA Vampire Books and SO many others that the list could go on forever.

Today, though, I'm going to showcase THREE (I couldn't pick just one!) of my favorite blogs that I have discovered since last year's BBAW.

The Book on the Hill

Charlotte is a French book blogger, and she always has the most interesting reviews and fun things going on at her blog. While she mostly reviews YA, occasionally other things sneak in. I love Charlotte and her blog! So much fun!

The Bookette

This is another YA blog. Becky is a UK blogger and a librarian, and when it comes to books, she totally knows her stuff. I have read and ADORED so many books based on Becky recommendations. Her reviews are clear and concise and really give you the best and worst of the book without telling you too much.

SFF Chat

Simcha blogs from Israel, and her blog is, well, awesome! She blogs mostly SF and fantasy, and every week she keeps us updated on some of the best sci-fi/fantasy releases. Her reviews are serious and well-written, and even if she doesn't like a book herself, I know I can count on her reviews to be balances and let me know if *I* would like the book.

One of my favorite thing about all three of these bloggers, I would say, is that, while they are a major part of the (or at least my) blogging world, they don't get caught up in blogging fads, and they blog about what they want when they want how they want. And it is awesome.

I look forward to hearing about the awesome blogs that you guys have discovered!


Charlotte said...

Ow, thank you so so much!
I didn't know SFF Chat, I'm off to visit her right now!

Happy first BBAW day Briz!

Blodeuedd said...

SFF chat sounds great for me, going over at once :D

Simcha said...

Thanks so much Audrey, that really means a lot to me.
Coincidentally, I also cheated a bit and talked about four of my favorite blogs, including yours ;)

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

Aww..I can feel the tears starting.

It's amazing to see so many blogs take off.

Amy said...

I don't think I knew of any of these, so yay for BBAW! (I'm glad you're participating!)

Lydia said...

I've not heard of any of these, well.. until now!

Thanks for introducing us to them!

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