Thursday, July 8, 2010

How much do you read?

So, as most of you know, 3 months ago I moved to Japan from France. This move was pretty major and pretty exciting for me, and I knew that a lot of things were going to change. Some changes, though, took me completely by surprise.

One of those changes that took me completely by surprise: my reading habits. When I was in France, I had a TON of free time. I had Wednesdays off, but aside from that, I worked every morning until around noon. When I got home, the rest of my time was mine. I found that I was so exhausted from one morning of teaching, though, that I never wanted to do anything.

I would literally get home, put on my sweatpants, and plop myself down in front of the TV, where I would stay until I HAD to get up to cook dinner or something. (I should perhaps mention that I also had a daily exercise routine from which I rarely strayed) So, I would spend almost all day everyday either reading or watching TV. I had a ton of time to read, and I read a ton, and I loved it.

I also feel, though, as if reading had sort-of lost its spark for me. It was no longer that exciting, fun thing I got to do for pleasure. It was just what I did. Since I've moved to Japan, though, I hardly have ANY time to read (much less blog - ::sob:: I'm really going to start trying to change that), and I find that I want to read more than ever. I get excited every time I have a spare moment to read - like this morning, when I woke up, I had NOTHING TO DO, and I read half a book. Read isn't really the word. I DEVOURED half a book.

I couldn't put it down, and I have NO clue if it is because of how awesome the book is or more because I have rediscovered that I acutally ADORE reading. It's a weird thing to rediscover when I didn't realize I had lost it. I read in every spare second I can find. I find myself escaping to the bathroom just to read a sentence. Anywhere, anyway, anyhow, I read.

And all that because I don't have time to read. If I manage to get in about half an hour of reading in a day, that's a good day. I think also, though, that I am SO loving reading again because I am happy again, wheras in France I was not very happy. I'm rediscovering the things that I love to love, and it is fabulous.

So what about you? How much do you read in a day? Do you have to sneak in reading time like I am having to do, or is it just a natural part of your day? Are there times in your life when you like reading more than others, and if so, have you found a pattern?

All I've got to say for now is


Tales of Whimsy said...

I'm in the process of moving right now so I can totally relate. My free time is being sucked up and I keep dreaming of more reading time.

I like to sneak away at lunch and read.

Lauren said...

Yay reading!

I'm not sure how much I read. In as much as, I know I read approximately three to four books a week, but I'm not sure how much that is comparatively. My colleagues (I work full time) seem to think that's a huge amount. But then compared to bloggers I know who post review after review after review, it seems pretty average.

I mainly read on my commute, which is great because it takes my mind off work and off the journey, and I feel like the time is mine instead of sucked up by work too. I guess there's a luxuriousness about just sitting down and opening a book that's part of the pleasure.

Greg Zimmerman said...

Cool post! And glad you found time to read this morning, and rediscovered its joys.

Especially on weekdays, I always carve out at least an hour a day to read. To me, it's a priority - a way to maintain mental health. Other people have their work out time to keep them sane, my sanity is preserved by reading.

Unknown said...

I think reading is built into my days now. I often feel like I have to do it for my blog. Now I find it harder to just enjoy a book because I am thinking with a reviwer's brain. That can be very annoying. When it gets too much, I just stop reading my review books and read what I want to. On a good day I read for minimum of an hour, maximum of all day. On a bad day, I only find the time for half an hour but that is unusual for me.

I love that you are feeling GOOD!

Bookish in a Box said...

I'm having to sneak in reading right now--during my lunch break and right before bed are about the only times I have completely to myself.

A few weekends ago, I had 3 whole days to read and practically devoured 6 books...they were some of the best I've read in a while, in part because I haven't had that much time to enjoy any.

Jessica said...

I have to read around my sons naps most of the time and before bed. Unfortunately this means that I dont get to curl up on the sofa for a couple of hours and finish half a book like I used to.

Charlotte said...

I am so happy to see you happy! Japan suits you, hey? It's great to rediscover something that you hadn't felt lost. Right now I'm like you, not much time to blog nor read. I need to fit books in my planning, which is boring. But that's when I'm busy acting, so it's cool too!

And yeah, YAY READING! :)

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