Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Seras-Tu La? / Will You Be There?

Continuing on with the recent books I've read:

Title:Seras-Tu La? (English Title:Will You Be There?)

Author:Guillaume Musso


Who Should Read This Book?Anyone interested in heartwarming, sentimental love stories with a twist; anyone looking for a book similar (though not quite as awesome as) "The Time Traveler's Wife" but with a little more fluff.

What I Have To Say: This book was beautiful. The story was beautiful. The characters were beautiful. The brief anti-smoking message at the end of the book was beautiful. The sentiment was beautiful. It was really just a joy to read. It made me laugh. It made me cry. I couldn't put it down, and it wasn't so long that I really needed to. Unfortunately, there was one very small part of the book that annoyed me and that made me think about one of the main characters in a very different way. In a way, he contradicted himself, and it made me feel like he didn't deserve what he was getting. Aside from that, though, this book filled my heart with warmth and joy.

Summary (taken directly from Amazon):To all appearances, Eliott’s life has been a success. At 60, he is an esteemed surgeon with a daughter he adores. The only thing missing is Ilena—a beautiful, generous-hearted girl who died 30 years ago. But when he is given an extraordinary opportunity to revisit his past, Eliott suddenly finds himself in 1970s San Francisco searching for the passionate young doctor who has yet to lose the love of his life. What ensues is a story full of intelligence, hope, and humor about making the right choices and trying to keep what we most desire.

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