Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm So Excited!!!!

I love Neil Gaiman.
Seriously, I do.
One time, when I was living in Montreal, he did a signing and a reading in Toronto. I had a big test the next day (perhaps in Algebraic Geometry; I forget), but I just HAD to go. So I, of course, skipped class and drove over to Toronto. I got there for the beginning of the reading, stayed for the whole reading, and was lucky to be close to the front of the line for the signing (they gave us numbers when we entered). I got my books signed and had a brief chat with Neil Gaiman (I somehow managed to not be so starstruck that I couldn't speak - it was AMAZING getting to talk to him, though!!!!) and managed to leave Toronto around 10 PM. For the 6 1/2 hour drive to Montreal. Getting me back at around 4:30 in the morning. Giving me just enough time to sleep for 3 hours before having to be up getting ready to head to my midterm taking place at 8:30.
This from someone who absolutely does NOT drink coffee (or even tea) and needs at least 8 full hours of sleep to function. I can deal with 7 if I'm going to have the chance to take a nap before doing something that requires thought.
I'm sure I did horribly on that midterm.
It was worth it to see Neil Gaiman.

The Sandman is my absolute FAVORITE comic book of all time, American Gods ties with the Neverending Story for my favorite book of all time, and both Neverwhere and Stardust are up there in my top 10. Good Omens made me give Terry Pratchett another try (only to disvoer that it was definitely Neil Gaiman that made me love the book).

BUT, for a while there, I felt like I'd sort of lost him. All of his short stories are great and all, but I'm really not into short stories. "Anansi Boys" was good, but FAR from great. "Interworld" and "Coraline" I liked, but neither would have been enough to make a real Neil Gaiman fan out of me had I not already been one.
I was so sad because - WHERE had my favorite author of all time disappeared to in these stories?

And then, "the Graveyard Book" came out. And I fell in love all over again. It was perfect and wonderful and everything that I had come to expect from Neil Gaiman but wasn't getting. And now, my expectations are high once again.

Which is why I am absolutely THRILLED about the upcoming release of "Odd and the Frost Giants."

I mean, seriously, I CAN'T WAIT!!!! It comes out October 1, and I am going to try to be almost done with what I am reading when this happens, because I know it will just trump everything else.
With my expectations once again ridiculously high, I just hope it will live up to it.

That said, I am still kind of disappointed. I am ready for him to release another adult novel (Odd is definitely not). I'd say it's about time.

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Belle said...

I haven't read any of Gaiman's books yet (I know, I know). I did have my hands on the Graveyard Book for a little while but it was from the library and I couldn't renew it because right when I got it, of course it won the Newbery and that was it for any chance of renewing it. Odd and the Frost Giants looks good!

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