Friday, September 11, 2009

Once Upon a Day by Lisa Tucker

Title:Once Upon A Day

Author:Lisa Tucker


Who Should Read It?People needing to be reminded that strength and hope can come from the most unexpected of places; or anyone just looking for a good, heartfelt, touching story

What I Have to Say:I feel like I use the words heartfelt and touching a lot when I am describing books, but really, that's what this book is. Heartfelt. And touching. It was also really cool; Lisa Tucker came up with an amazingly interesting way to have the past meet the present without involving things like time machines or black holes (not that I have anything against either of those things in a book). The plot is right on, the characters are well-developed and absorbing, there is just the right amount of drama, and the writing style is easy to follow and to the point.
I wouldn't go so far as to say that "Once Upon a Day" is riveting, but it is gripping and amusing, hooking the reader from chapter 1 and keeping them wanting more.
This book is more than mediocre, more than good, but less than spectacular. There's something that's missing, some reason that I didn't love love LOVE it, but I can't seem to articulate exactly what that missing thing is.

Summary (from Publishers Weekly via Amazon):In the present day, 23-year-old Dorothea has left her overprotective father's secluded 35-acre New Mexico estate, called the Sanctuary, where she and her brother, Jimmy, had been sheltered from current news and all modern-day innovations. Searching for her runaway brother in St. Louis, Dorothea meets a recently widowed doctor-turned-cabbie, who introduces her to the vibrant outside world he's been trying to escape. A parallel tale set in the 1970s follows the budding romance between a successful film director and the waif who becomes his muse, his wife and the object of his obsessive control.

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Spiggy said...

The amazon summary didn't really make sense to me. Doctor-turned-cabbie, really? What doctor would do that?

Your review was better, your review actually made me want to read it =p

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