Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things I Love As Much as Books (15)

So, I think it's a given that I love to read. Don't we all?
The thing is, though, there are a TON of other things in my life that I love just as much as reading. Sure, most of these things aren't as constant as reading, but they count just as much in my life when I'm loving them.
SO, I decided to start this weekly feature in which I write a short post about something in my life that I am loving just as much as reading!

I think I've posted about them before, but An Cafe. Just An Cafe. I absolutely love them as much as books. Maybe more. I am SO devestated that, for the time being, they are disbanded, and I'm just glad I had the opportunity to see them live before that happened.

Is the singer, Miku, not just the prettiest man you have ever seen?
Love love love love LOVE!

And that's all for this week!


Blodeuedd said...

Lol, gonna give them a try :)

Aitor Artaitz said...

I did not know this group and I have to say that they sound a bit strange for me but it is ok to try new things.

I also have things who like as much as reading. One of them is Math. (sorry, I know that you are an ex-mathematician...)

But what I prefer even more than books is people

Jenny N. said...

I remember them. Back in highschool I used to be so into different japanese and Korean music but now I hardly listen to music anymore.

Unknown said...

Maybe they will get back together? One of my favorite bands, ok fine, my absolute favorite band broke up several years ago, and this year decided to do a tour in Germany. No word yet if they will do a tour in the States, even though they are American, but I have my fingers crossed.

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