Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things I Love As Much as Books (16)

So, I think it's a given that I love to read. Don't we all?
The thing is, though, there are a TON of other things in my life that I love just as much as reading. Sure, most of these things aren't as constant as reading, but they count just as much in my life when I'm loving them.
SO, I decided to start this weekly feature in which I write a short post about something in my life that I am loving just as much as reading!

I have tried very hard on numerous occasions to get into Japanese drama - it seems like, if I could like it, it would be a super great way to practice my Japanese listening skills. And yet, I've never been able to find one I like. Until now.

I find myself OBSESSED with Nodame Cantabile, an adorable drama about two piano students at music school. I just finished the 11 episodes of the series and am DYING to watch the Europe special and then the two movies that follow. Nodame isd sort of flitty and totally reminds me of myself (which is probably not a good thing), and Chiaki is serious and super talented, and, aside from the occasional issue, their relationship is the most adorable thing ever.

My favorite character is an adorable violin student called Mine (Eita in life), who loves rock! He's super doofy and awesome, just like I like em!

Apparently he and the main actress, who plays Nodame, are in another drama, Last Friends, together, and I now MUST watch it.

Yay! Thank you Nodame for being so awesome and being my J-Drama gateway drug! :-)


Heather G. said...

I bet my husband would enjoy this one. He spent a lot of time in Japan and really loves the culture over there. We both love anime as well. Thanks for sharing this!

Tales of Whimsy said...

That sounds cute :)

Sara said...

Sounds like a great series! Too bad I don't know any Japanese :P

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