Thursday, September 10, 2009

the Seven Towers by Patricia C. Wrede = not quite what I was hoping for

Um, will someone please explain to me why there is an AURYN on the cover of this book?!? I guess it's supposed to be the ring talked about within, but it just seems wrong.

Title:the Seven Towers

Author:Patricia Wrede


Who Should Read It?Anyone interested in reading a cute, quirky fantasy with bad guys and big evil monsters

What I Have to Say:Contrary to what is said in Amazon's product description, this is not one of Patricia C. Wrede's best. It's quirky, but not quite as quirky as I was hoping for. It's funny, but not quite as funny as I was hoping for. It's daring, but not quite as daring as I was hoping for. You get the point.
That said, this book has *7* main characters (that's right, SEVEN), and they are all well-developed with very different personalities. The plot is well-developed and intriguing and leaves the reader guessing right up to the very end.
It really is a great book, and I have trouble pinpointing WHAT exactly it is that I have to complain about; it was exciting and adventurous and not quite what I wanted it to be.
Still, though, a book worth reading!

Summary (from amazon!):They are seven players in a game of deadly magic— Eltiron, Prince of Sevarin; Crystalorn, Princess of Barinash; Ranlyn, the desert rider; Jermain, the outlaw; Vandaris, the soldier; Carachel, the Wizard-King; and Amberglas, the sorceress. Each of them has a secret, and each fights his or her part in the thrilling battle that has put seven kingdoms on the very edge of destruction. Filled with wit, swordplay, humor, and intrigue, this early novel is one of Patricia C. Wrede’s best

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